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into play on wall street? we're going to head to new york for answers a little later during the morning. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> this is tuesday november 6th, election day, 2012. your patriotic duty to get out and vote for the candidate of your choice today. in our region, the weather is going to be fine for that. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us on this important day. tucker barnes joining us for a look at that weather. good morning. >> good morning. it's cold outside. don't need to tell you that. temperatures falling back into the 20s. we're in the mid 30s in town. a chilly afternoon. winter coat to start your day. 34 at regan national. coldest temperature so far . 28 at dulles.
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and freeze warning in affect. for much of the area hard freeze overnight with temperatures back into the 20s. places like frederick, mid 20s overnight. all right looking at the satellite radar, should be a sunny and bright start to your day. a few clouds but much of the day sunny and bright. the cloud cover will start to work in and will turn mostly cloudy as we wait the arrival of our storm system. the noreaster we've been talking about. more details on that coming up. for election day, sunny skies. going to be dries this -- dry this afternoon. let's do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> we have a couple things to make note of. we have problems with metro's blue orange line. that has been moved out of the
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way. allow additional time there. traveling out on the roads, we have accident activity involved in an overturned vehicle. texas avenue here near ridge road. a portion of fort davis that remains blocked. all because of this accident activity. on the other side of town, your lanes are open. no issues reported travelg on 66 coming out of vienna. 234 south as you work your way northbound up to 66 at baltimore road. that's in the process of being cleared. lighter than usual at this hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> two minutes after the hour and election day is now underway. polls around the nation are open or preparing to open with the white house hanging in the balance. with early results pouring in one candidate is pulling ahead. nicole has the latest from both
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campaigns. >> after a handful of tallied votes, president obama is off to an early lead. >> election day votng now underway in some places. two polling stations opened. president obama received 23 votes. mitt romney got 9. in dixville we have a tie. >> i voted for obama. and also voted for obama in 2008. i still believe he is the best chance of the nation making the recovery in as fast time as possible. >> president obama campaigning as a candidate for the last time ever in des moines. >> i've come back to iowa one more time to ask for your vote. >> the president urged iowa voters to finish what they started when they handed him a win in the 2008 primary. >> you said yes we can and we
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did. >> mitt romney wrapped up his election in new hampshire. >> your vote put me on the path to win the republican nomination. your vote and work will help me become the next president of the united states. >> taking one last shot at undecided voters. romney will campaign today in ohio and pen en. >> the president will spend electi day in chicago. >> president obama will do media interviews today. if there's time he'll fit in a basketball game with friends. nicole collins, fox news. >> their running mate also on a mission to reach voters. paul rn ended monday with a rally in the state of wisconsin. he encouraged the crowd to help get the government back on track. vice president joe biden ended in richmond virginia telling people there are more tremendous opportunities to come. >> the polls in virginia have
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been open for an hour and in addition to voting, people in the commonwealth will have to decide on other issues including a closely contested race for a seat on the u.s. senate. melanie is in fairfax now. how is the voting going so far? >> reporter: turn out has been good, tony. we've seen hundreds of people coming here this morning. the lines so far not out the door but we are expected to see that happening sometime soon as people are trying to get their votes in before they go off to work for the day. there were 100 people in line before the polls opened here. and it's not just the presidential race. it is also the senate race. virginia, again, very tightly contested. some years it's gone democratic. in the battle for the senate, former governors.
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battling for jim web's seat. he took the seat from george allen in 2006. cane was pulling well in october. the most recent average of polls showing him with less than 2 point lead. a change to the voter id laws in the commonwealth. if you did not bring a valid id you could sign saying you are who you say you are. this year if you do not have one of the forms of identification, you have to vote on a provisional ballot, return your identification and that would not happen until friday. really important for people to check the web site. there are also constitutional ballot questions. the first deals with the right of the state to seize property. put further limits on the state'sability to do so. and larger compensation. question 2 would allow the
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general assembly to push back veto session by a week if it needs to to avoid having it fall on a religious holiday. the wait reported to be about 30 minutes. but people are telling us it's well organized and found one guy out here who is showing off election day pride. >> i was thinking why not celebrate voting day. it's a great right to have and what makes this country so great. why not express it a little bit? >> you got to love those pants. come on. if you are going to go out and vote wear something special, you got to go all out. i don't know if i could pull it off. >> i'm hoping no flag died for those man's pants. >> thank you so much. >> i'm wearing those pants right now. all right. polls just open in maryland a couple moments ago. >> there are several high profile ballot questions that are expected to bring out a
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record number of voters. >> reporter: good morning. the polls are open and they are already busy. you can see the line forming outside. i would say it started forming quarter until 7 and a nice stream ever since and kind of winding out the church parking lot and down the street. they are expecting a very high turn out today. predicting about an 80% turn out. not necessarily electing officials that's driving this turn out. there are 7 key issues they need to decide on when they head inside. let's review a couple. question 3, change the current rules removing elected official if he or she is convicted of a crime. question 4 which is the dream act. some immigrants to pay instate tuition rates at maryland colleges and university. question 5 has to do with redistricting. question 6 asks voters to legalize gay
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marriage. and then there's question 7. if you live in maryland you've seen advertising for and against this. this would expand gambling in the state and build a casino here at national harbor. question 7, it was definitely in the forfront of voter's minds. what is on your mind as you head into vote? >> i think it will bring more trouble. more robberies. more people unable to pay for their homes. their children's education. i'm not having it. >> was a couple other people we talked to and they were all for question 7. they said it will bring money to the state no matter what. they don't care where the money goes but jobs and income and help spotlight prince georges county specifically. an interesting thing about that is the fact that when i walked up to those
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voters, i didn't direct them. i didn't say what is your opinion? i said what's on your mind today. and they all started with i'm going to vote for president obama. i hope he is reelected when i wake up tomorrow morning and went right into their opinion on question 7. something they've been discussing and thinking about as well. couple people that will brought up question 6 and same sex marriage. one person was for and one person against. they are all here doing civil duty. and marylanders have until 8:00 tonight to do just that. back to you in the studio. >> to the district now where polls have just opened. this is a live look from janel elementary school. voters are electing two at large members as well as the special election for the council chairman. three amendments are on the ballot on
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how to handle council members and mayors convicted of wrongdoing. >> live look there at joe biden casting his ballot. his wife jill bide enby his side. not sure where this is taking place. but there he is standing in line just like everyone else i might add. that's a familiar site on election day. we do know that president obama and his wife cast their ballots early like much of the country did. there you see joe biden in his way in line followed by the secret service closely behind. bring you that live look on what's going on, on this election day. will come in handy. there is voter information. ways to find your polling place and understand what you are voting on today. lots of questions on the ballot folks are talking about. then tonight, it will be your source
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for the most up to the mini lex results. >> it is 11 minutes after 7:00 now. still to come, two developing stories. the first, a deadly attack in baghdad. the target? an iraqy military base. >> explosion inside a hospital packed with patients. the latest from north carolina after the break. >> plus in sports there's still some hope for hockey. why some players and the league are optimistic a deal can be reached to salvage the season. >> that's the god father soul right there living in america as we head to the break. the latest weather and traffic next. one of the great things about living in america, the right to vote. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day,
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we were told to build a 3030-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we're following breaking news from overnight in north carolina. a patient was killed and three others hurt in explosion and fire at a hospital in durham. happened around 2:15 this morning. unclear what caused the blast. hospital officials say the fire was quickly contained by the sprinkler system. >> major violence today in iraq to tell you about as a suicide bomber detonated a car full of explosives just outside baghdad. 27 people were killed. more than 40 injured. the blast hit as troops were changing shifts. at least 19 soldiers were among the dead. congress will take a close look at the meningitis out break when they return next week. separate hearings will be held in the house and the senate. the head of the fda is scheduled to testify. more than 400 cases of meningitis have been reported across the nation including 30 deaths. the out break is linked
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to tainted steroids shots produced in massachusetts. >> in sports there is some optimism about getting back on the ice. the nhl and player's association are returning to the bargaining table. over the weekend held negotiations and made enough progress to want to talk a few days later. the lock out is in its 51st day. >> sad. >> second go around of this in the past five years. >> what these leagues don't realize is whether they come back or not, the fans, it's kind of burnt out. there's almost tune out factor. >> it sure is. >> i don't need to spend my time with you. we'll see. >> speaking of hockey, cold enough for hockey outdoors. feels like it. temperatures falling back into the 20s, low 30s. freeze warning for the area. giving you a heads up
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last night to bring your plants in. >> is this the first freeze? >> the first hard freeze. >> so indian summer might be on the way? >> we'll talkabout that. regan national we have not hit the freezing mark. most of the area at or below freezing. 34 right now in washington. check out your numbers. 35 in frederick. 24 in martins burg . richmond with 30 degrees. and richmond now, 29 in richmond. the other big issue with the cold, unfortunately our friends off to the northeast, it's 33 in new york city. and much of the area there in the upper 20s and low 30s. there's still hundreds of thousands without power. keep our fingers crossed they warmup later today. here's a look at satellite radar. one or two clouds to start your day. mostly sunny. later this afternoon high clouds move in.
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rain down into georgia and south carolina, that's the making of our coastal storm. we will have clouds around tomorrow. and the storm is going to be just far enough off shore. but i want to emphasize that path is not set in stone and could wobble a little. if it were to come west, we would be dealing with more of rain, wind and potential for winter weather around here wednesday into thursday. >> let's hope it doesn't do the wobble wobble and come in here. >> or wobble east. there's your 7 day forecast. a warmup this weekend . sunday veteran's day and we observe it on moon. should be 65 by monday. >> thanks. >> let's go to julie. she likes the sound of those words. >> i thought we were going to do the wobble.
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>> you're the only one who feels me on it. >> i didn't know it was a dance. >> i was waiting. you got me. i'm hanging out waiting for you. >> what's the wobble? >> it's a dance. >> go ahead, julie. oh, my goodness. all right. here we go. in the new york avenue no issues reported. now the trip southbound on the bw parkway tied up as you continue southbound headed out towards pennsylvania avenue. from 202 down to pennsylvania about a 16 minute drive. southbound 270. goes . let's start out. if you are traveling downtown earlier crash we had mentioned southeast has cleared. for those traveling 66 you are below speeds. closed now as the northbound side at
7:21 am
234 south. earlier the whole entire intersection is blocked. northbound side that remains closed off due to accident investigation and clean up. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. still to come a fox 5 investigation, there's a shortage of paramedics in the district and some say things are only going to get worse. >> frustrations continue to mount in the areas hardest hit by sandy. one of the biggest concerns today, getting to the polls. how officials in new york are making it easier to cast ballots. 7:21. we'll be right back . it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee.
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i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today
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in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. i'm mitt romney, we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states.
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and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm drinkin' a dunkin' latte. i'm in love with my dunkin' latte. it is a treat. they're packed with flavor. it's my kind of latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! welcome back. it's 7:24. we talked about how voting will be impacted by military sandy. >> new york's governor has made special provisions to make sure sandy victims can vote anywhere
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in the state. seeing how things are going on staten island. the million dollar question is how are things going? good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. very good question. despite all of this devastation, polls are open behind me and people are coming out to vote. we are here at a school in the midland beach section which is one of the areas hit hardest by hurricane sandy. and i want to show you, there's a donation site here at the school where voting is happening where victims can pick up clothing and other items. this school has no power but does have a generator and that's why people are showing up to cast their ballots. other stations had to be moved entirely and setting up shuttle buses for people to take them to the poll sites. the governor signed an executive order so voters displaced can vote by
7:26 am
affidavit ballot in the new york area even if it's not their regular voting site. when the hurricane came along, local politicians here actually had to stop campaigning all together. should be interesting to see how this hurricane affects not only voter turn out but the results of this election. for now, that is the very latest, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. >> i think nowhere else in the nation right now you can bet persistence or the right to exercise the vote. it can be seen there doing their duty when you don't have a shower or light. quite an example for all of us. coming up, a breakdown of what to watch out for for this election night hour by hour. >> plus dc's fire and ems department is facing a shortage and starting to take a toll on the crews. fox 5 takes a closer look for what this means for
7:27 am
you. >> as we head to the break, a live look in virginia. our election day coverage continues after the break. the break.
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this is a live look at one of the polling stations in virginia. this one in mcclain, virginia where turn out has been good this morning this election day 2012. all the information coming up in just a bit. >> really hard to believe this day is here. it's so long. >> so long and coming. they got to shorten up these campaigns. you get fatigues. >> 18 months all these people have been out there. >> tomorrow the christmas campaign will start. not going to take long to move on to the next campaign. let's get going with the temperatures. sunshine across the area. should be a beautiful looking day. it is cool. it's cold this morning so don't be fooled by the sunshine. these temperatures have bottomed out in the 20s. coldest morning yet this season. definitely cold air. 34 in washington. we did not get to 32 here.
7:31 am
haven't had our first official freeze. but most of the area did see temperatures overnight. 25 in menasis. 24 in martinsburg. it's going to be a chilly afternoon even with sunshine a bit of a breeze here out of the north and certainly going to put the chill on. looking at sunshine to start the day. into the late afternoon and evening hours start to see clouds move in. this is that coastal noreaster we've been talking about. and still forecast to strengthen here off the carolina coast later tonight and tomorrow. and move north and east. the thinking has changed a little since yet. we think it's going to move far enough off the eastern sea board we'll be on the western edge.
7:32 am
the impacts around here would be less substantial. still got rain in the forecast and wind. we're not looking at the bulk of the energy. unfortunately that's going to be safe up towards new jersey and new york. you will see some of the impacts or more of the impacts as you are going to get a strong storm surge. here's your forecast. 40 to 60 mile per hour wind gusts. heavy rain and coastal flooding in places that don't need it. and the storm system going to push off into southern new england during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. east of washington, you have already got a high wind watch for tomorrow. winds could gust 50 plus miles per hour. we'll see if that gets extended west today. 48 your daytime high. sunny skies. quite cool. then later tonight, cold
7:33 am
again. 36 the overnight low . cold overnight. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. peaks of sun if you are well to the west with a period of rain which could transition into winter weather later tomorrow night. still questions about the eventual track. it's been wobbling here the last couple model runs. the whole thing out by thursday. and the other feature here warming it up into the weekend. highs by monday. 65 degrees. let's do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> all right. on the roads right now you are going to find your lanes are open but the pace is slow moving. inner loop of the beltway on the west side. delays continue out toward gallos road before you break free. 66 not as busy. traffic still closer to 50 to 123 at the beltway. lanes are open south
7:34 am
on 270. pockets of congestion. headed out towards the split. no problems to report right now coming across the bridge. now we do have problems to report on the roads. south on 270 at 32 miles an hour. back up to 51 approaching 28. you will find if you are traveling along the eastbound side. northbound 234 south remains blocked off because of a crash. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. now to a fox 5 investigation. dc's emergency medical system is in crisis. paramedics are leaving the district's fire and ems department at a high rate. now facing a critical shortage putting people's lives in the hands of paramedics that are tired and often overlooked. investigating the district's paramedic emergency. >> reporter: the number of
7:35 am
calls is on the rise with more than 90,000 transports to the hospital last year. >> such a high demand in this city. we're at the top of the survey every year nationwide. >> but the emergency medical system is falling short. there should be 14 paramedic units on the streets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. but that rarely happens. the department is calling firefighters cross trained as paramedics to fill the void and even that isn't always enough. >> should have solved these problems. >> these dc fire department paramedics agreed to talk to fox 5 only if we disguise the voice and appearance over fears of retaliation. >> somebody is going to die. >> so many firefighters are quitting. sources claim the city is short as many as 100
7:36 am
paramedics. >> everybody knows it. we all talk about it. it's going to crash. i feel bad. >> in august when marie called 911 suffering from chest pains, a paramedic engine from georgetown responded because there were no other units available. the response time? 20 minutes. more than twice what it should be. >> they told me that first they were coming. then they said they were uptown. then they couldn't get through. >> she finally made it to the hospital and got treated but wonders if she'll be so lucky next time. >> people could be on their death bed. >> fire chief denies there's a problem. >> we have the capacity to reduce our overtime but to make sure we are fully staffed to make sure we can respond to the needs of the community. >> in order to keep up, the
7:37 am
paramedic we interviewed claimed medics are being held over by as much as 12 hours past the end of the shift. sometimes that means they are working 24 or 36 hours straight. >> there aren't enough paramedics in the system. we do need an increase in units. >> even if they are tired or sick, they have no choice. >> even if you don't feel up to it. >> in a follow up interview, the chief declined to talk about the risk to public safety and had the department's medical director respond. we asked numerous times if patients were in danger. >> you provide good care even though you have a paramedic that might be working 36 hours responding to them. >> if you look at our patient care, i have a lot of experience, i can tell you we
7:38 am
provide really good patient care. >> to reduce the impact of not hiring more paramedics, plans to adjust scheduling by creating power shifts. would put more medics on during peak hours and reduce those during slower overnight periods. >> allow us to frut 25 to 45 units on the street during our heaviest call volume hours. >> we have huge concerns from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. block that there will not be any paramedic transport units. it's a 36% decrease in our capability to transport patients. >> if there aren't enough ambulances, they have firefighters crossed trained. but using fire trucks to respond to medical emergencies is more costly and has flaws. >> hopefully there's no fires during the same time. >> just a few years ago, shelled out $7,000 hiring bonuses. an attempt to boost
7:39 am
the ranks to 350. today, it's not even close. >> dc paramedics say they'll continue to answer the call but worry how much more they can handle. >> sherry lee reporting. the department is training a new class of firefighters but none are paramedics. and the union says no paramedic training classes are scheduled. >> still ahead, president obama and the first lady arrived in chicago just hours ago. how will he be spending the day in the windy city? we have insight. >> and budwieser is taking issue. now asking studio to make some changes.
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bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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 i'm mitt romney, maryland, it's time. time for marriage equality. question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love. while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness--
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treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. welcome back. 7:42. some business news making
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headlines. american suzuki said it will stop selling cars in the u.s. after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. focus instead on selling motorcycles and all terrain vehicles. >> remove images of its beers from the film. washington plays a functional alcoholic pilot in that film. his character is seen drinking several types of alcohol including budwieser. it was never consulted on use of its products. and wants them to remove logo from current and future versions. >> virginia will live up to battleground billing tonight. kick off flurry of vote results. >> sara is back with how election night 2012 most likely
7:44 am
will unfold. >> good morning. we could be in for a long night. the latest polls out yesterday shows the race for president virtually tied. that includes many of the battleground states. let's begin with virginia. polls close at 7:00 p.m. along with five other states. virginia has 13 electoral votes. it is pretty quick at counting votes. but the key will be weather virginia's voter id law forces the number of ballots. at 7:30 polls close in ohio. probably the most important battleground of them all. 18 votes in this one. if the race is tight, could mean ballots have to come into play and a final count from ohio would likely not be completed tonight. mitt romney needs ohio desperately for this win. without it, romney would have to win all the other battleground states. at 8:00 p.m., the polls close in two battleground
7:45 am
states, florida and new hampshire. democratic leaning areas of florida tend to be the last to report. don't jump to early conclusions. pennsylvania will closes at 8:00 is where romney hopes he can pull off an upset. at 9:00 p.m., polls close in 14 other states. colorado and wisconsin. then at 10:00, the last of the swing states close. iowa and nevada. that's a little indication of how the evening could play out. so you might want to put a pot of coffee on for sure. could be staying up until tomorrow night. we may not go to sleep. >> you are very possibly right. thank you. appreciate it. >> we should say the broadcast does begin a little earlier tomorrow morning. >> 4:00 a.m. >> can't wait. >> in case you have to go to sleep. >> who knows? after 2,000, anything goes.
7:46 am
there's a live shot. clear skies across the area but it is cold this morning. temperatures falling back into the 20s for most of the region and here in town, low to mid 30s. 34 at regan national. going to be a cool afternoon. even with the bright sunshine yesterday we only got to 50. we'll fall short of that today. mid to upper 40s for daytime highs. you can see up and down the even sea board here. 33 new york city. hundreds of thousands without power to the north and east and very cold temperatures. chicago 30. richmond, 29. freezing temperatures here to start your day. let's talk about this coastal system. not going to impact us today. this will be tomorrow's weather. and the system has been wobbling west and east here with our computer model projections. so this storm track i'm going to show you, not necessarily the final storm track.
7:47 am
but this is the best one we've got right now. put it in motion for you. no issues this afternoon . clouds moving late today. we'll cloud up overnight and during the day tomorrow, a period of rain start to work in here. you can see we're on the western edge of the storm system. that's tomorrow at 5:00 and future cast has been aggressive in suggesting this will mix with or change to winter weather around here. still question marks about that. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s at the surface. but climb up stairs and there will be cold air. we'll have to fine tune this forecast for you. that track has been wobbling west to east 50 to 100 miles for the last couple days. the worst of the storm system is to the north and east. things will quiet down across the washington area and in for a nice warmup into the weekend. there's your 7 day.
7:48 am
48 today. no issues with the election day forecast. tomorrow clouds. rain could mix with winter weather by tomorrow night. all out of here on thursday. freezee on thursday and warmup sunday, monday. back into the 60s. we're not done with the 60s yet. >> i like that. thanks. >> let's go to julie. she's got on time traffic. >> kind of busy out here. we have delays to report around the capital beltway. this is where you are going to find slow downs. leaving the terminal. definitely below speed at this time. no accidents just volume delays. 66 coming out of menassas. and again closer to the beltway. your lanes are open with no issues reported. inbound off the bw parkway. reports of a stalled car tying up the right side. cleaning up accident activity off of 234
7:49 am
northbound. 234 south. accident activity blocking the northbound side. due to an accident involving a fuel spill that is in need of clean up. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thanks. mitt romney will break tradition for presidential candidate by not spending the final hours in his home town. he will hit the campaign trail one last time. >> president obama will be sticking to his own election day traditions. the president arrived in chicago overnight. he's expected to do several radio and satellite interviews today. and also do as he did in 2008, play a pick up basketball game. also talk he will eat at the same restaurant and get his haircut like he did four years ago. >> mr. obama's hair ready for election night? >> it will be. >> so may see him before the election? >> he'll be ready. >> mitt romney is campaigning in cleveland and pittsburgh
7:50 am
today. and still ahead, a look at how wall street will likely react to the outcome of the presidential race. live to the fox business network after the break. >> first, though, time for our facebook fan of the day. today we say hello to david williams. david says he loves waking up to fox 5 morning news everyday. for your chance to be the fan of the day, go to facebook and leave a comment under david's picture. hope you are having a good day. ♪
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all right. we are back now with the business side of the race to the white house. what is at stake for your finances depending on the outcome of today's presidential election? joining us now is stewart varney with the fox business network. good morning. good to see you. going to be a long day.
7:54 am
let's talk about how the stock market is likely to react first if president obama is reelected and second if mitt romney is elected. >> nobody likes trying to forecast the stock market. but you've pressed me and i will answer your question. if president obama wins a second term, odds are the market will not perform well. his first thing come january will be to raise taxes and he would not cut spending. that will not go down well on wall street. so if there's any rise in the stock market, it would be very small. that's the opinion of the experts. if governor romney were to win, the feeling is there would be more likelihood of the rally. the prices would go up. romney would cut tax rates. private money into the enterprise system and up to 4% growth. that would be good for stocks. stocks would probably
7:55 am
go up. as a round about way of answering your question. that's what the experts are saying. >> that's kind of in the short-term and if you are kind of unwilling to answer the first question, long-term, i know this is somewhat impossible to do. long-term, seems to me common thinking is a romney presidency generally good for business and obama presidency not as good for business. so long-term is that how we think things will play out up there? >> yes. again, that's what most people are thinking here. at the moment, given current stock prices, most stock certainly the big big corporations, they are pretty cheap if you compare the profit they make to the price of the stock. then they are cheap. and the only way -- not the only way to go but most likely way to go is up if we get that 4 or 5% growth.
7:56 am
profits would go up in 4% growth. stocks would go up with 4% growth. to answer your question, longer term, a prom ree presidency is likely to be good for the stock market. >> regardless of who wins, what are the steps that wall street is looking for to kind of right the ship and get things going in a more favorable position? direction, rather. >> that is an easy question. come january the 1st , we're supposed to have the sequestration. and spending goes straight down. that would be a real shock to the economic system. the hope is that between now and january the 1st we get some kind of resolution to this tax and spend problem. we don't go over the fiscal cliff. we do not want a big tax increase and don't want a big cut in spending.
7:57 am
we want to right size the ship so to speak. even if it means kicking the can down the road. that's what wall street wants. >> all right. stewart, thank you sir talk to you and see you in the days ahead. >> yes, sir. >> all right. coming up at the top of the hour, former white house spokesman robert gibbs joins us. he is president obama re-election campaign advisor and traveling with him. >> as election day comes to a close, all the political ads will go away. did they sway your vote? takes a look at the science behind all of those ads. 7:57 now. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
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8:01 am
change can't be measured in speeches. it's measured in results. >> straight ahead at 8:00, decision day 2012. the presidential candidates make last minute pitch to the american public. the future rests in the hands of the voters. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. voters are already lining up across the region. this is a picture from a dc polling location five minutes after it opened. and here is a picture of virginia senate candidate george allen. we're going to show you that lining up waiting to cast his ballot. there he is. about 90 minutes ago that picture was taken. >> this is what it all comes down to. getting out there to do our civic duty. tucker barnes is here. >> yeah. cold. cold start to the day. temperatures falling back into the 20s. be ready for cold weather. even this afternoon, mid to upper 40s.
8:02 am
temperatures unseasonably cool for early november. looking at the radar, the rain you see to our south, that's our developing noreaster. even some lightning there off the coast. i don't think we'll see thunder or lightning here. today mostly sunny. by late this afternoon, start to see clouds with this storm system approaching the area. more on that coming up. it is cold. regan national, 36 degrees. dulles last hour was in the 20s. and bwi marshal 35. so most of the area having a hard freeze here overnight. highs for today, lots of sunshine. 46 in leonard town. chilly temperatures. average high should be in the low 60s. >> thank you. >> let's go to julie. she has the latest on this morning's traffic. >> on time traffic brought to
8:03 am
you by toyota. >> i was going to say i love the pictures that are coming in off of twitter. thank you for everyone out in the cold and sending us the tweets. out here on the roads right now lanes are open. inbound new york avenue. no trouble spots to report. stalled car in the back up. that has cleared. lanes are open and inner loop of the beltway improve being quickly from the terminals. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> one of the longest most expensive presidential campaigns ever comes to an end. >> for president obama the journey wraps up where it all began. spoke in iowa monday asking 20,000 supporters to finish what they started when they handed him a primarily victory over hillary clinton in 2008. >> the president wiped away
8:04 am
tears at times. he'll spend election day and night in his home town in chicago giving small satellite interviews. >> and watching those returns come in. >> mitt romney's request isn't over yet. he will deliver his final arguments during a series of stops in ohio and pennsylvania. but first he will cast his own ballot near the boston area where his home is. paul ryan will campaign in ohio in richmond virginia. the two candidates will watch the election results in boston. >> and the presidential race is one of the big decisions voters face. and we have team coverage from all three locations focused on the issues that matter to you. and just a reminder for anyone who hasn't voted early, polls are open across the entire region. in dc and maryland, stay open until 8:00 in the
8:05 am
commonwealth and virginia at 7:00. >> check in on our races in just a moment. members are spending one more day spreading the message. current obama re-election campaign advisor robert gibbs joins us now live. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, guys. how are you? >> doing well. thank you. such a familiar face with the obama administration. you've been activated so to speak in these final days. what is the mood in that inner circle? >> look, we feel good about where we are. great about where things are headed and feel in virginia. i think we're going to have a great night tonight if we make sure we have all of our voters out to the polls. the polls in virginia are open. bring a form of id so you can vote. if people do that in virginia, i feel like we're
8:06 am
going to have a very good night and the president will have a very good night. >> an article today out in new york times talked about the president feeling nostalgic. last go around with debates and speeches. how is he feeling today? >> he feels great. he feels confident. i was backstage with him last night in iowa and he was trying to take it all in. this was the last time he was going to be introduced in a rally for himself. that last rally was in iowa where it all began a few years ago. i think it was starting to get to him a little bit. he is enormously hopeful about the future. he spent this campaign talking about what we have to do over the course of the next four years to continue moving this economy forward. strengthening it and giving middle class families a real sense of security. >> not calling the president superstitious in anyway but we have taken note he is following traditions he closely followed
8:07 am
back in the last go around including that pick up basketball game. >> absolutely. we didn't play basketball in new hampshire and everyone knows how that turned out pretty early on in the process in 2008 and i heard him say yesterday on the plane that he's playing basketball and not making that mistake again. he will do satellite interviews, talk to voters, play a little basketball and be close to his family. >> we've been watching the results come in. will he be with the first family tonight? >> absolutely. we'll be very close to michelle and the girls. they've been with him the whole way on this amazing journey and i know he doesn't want to be far away from them especially on such a big night. >> former white house spokesman and advisor. thanks for joining us today, sir.
8:08 am
>> thanks for having me. >> coming up in our next hour, we will check in with the romney campaign live from boston when we speak with the gop nominee's scene soar communication advisor. >> voting in maryland started a little over an hour ago. folks seem to be fired up over a number of questions including gay marriage and expansion of gambling. holly morris is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, tony. they are predicting a high turn out and from what we've seen, they are right. that line has been steady and long. they are saying about an 80% turn out rate is what they expect. and this is in addition. in addition to the race, marylanders will be selecting 9 members of congress. but really it's the state ballot questions that most believe are really driving this high turn out. there are 7 key questions on the ballot. they will change
8:09 am
current rules removing an elected official. question 4, the dream act which would allow for instate tuition at colleges and universities. question 5 has to do with redistricting and whether the state keeps new congressional map. question 6 asking voters to legalize gay marriage. and then the highly debated question 7. both sides campaigning and spending more than $87 million to sway voters. has to do with the expansion of gambling and building of a new casino here. if you come out live, there is a big group here that is heavily campaigning this morning trying to sway voters as they head in. and i will tell you of all the questions we've talked with several voters and question 6 and 7 were definitely on their minds. >> i think people love who they love and they would be able to marry. >> i'm just not for it. i'm not against it but i'm not for
8:10 am
it. >> bring employment to prince georges town and maryland. and that's what we're all about. >> question 7 will bring money to prince georges county. it's money coming to north dakota. money not going to education doesn't go for me. >> every single voter said they were voting for president obama's re-election. the governor himself and executive expected to he show up here at 8:30. >> all right. thank you very much. >> still ahead at 8:00, the state of the race heading into election day. check in with a local expert for a look at who holds the most electoral votes so far and what states are still up for grabs. >> first, though, the extra mile to make sure victims of hurricane sandy can vote. what
8:11 am
election officials are doing next. it's 8:10. we'll be right back .
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
officials in parts of new york and new jersey are going the extra mile to make sure residents can vote. drive displaced workers to polling sites. others living in declared emergency zones can fill out aft ballots and vote at any polling place they can reach. optimistic power will be restored and polling places open in all but the worst hit areas. >> for some people living in sandy's aftermath, survival is the number one priority. the storm is blamed for 106 deaths and more than a million have no power. the biggest crisis now is finding housing for people left homeless. especially with temperatures plunging and another storm taking aim as soon as tomorrow. fema has placed more than 30,000 people in hotels and motels.
8:15 am
the lines for and the price of gas keeps growing alongside demand. >> all right. it is 8:14 right now. so enthralled with what you were saying. >> let's head over to tucker. he's got really cute news to share. >> i do. it's going to be absolutetime now for my first 5 photo of the day. and keeping with the election theme this morning. >> that's great. >> this is a picture of 5 year old zaire wilson. taken at the senate radio and tv gallery at the u.s. capitol. >> that's wonderful. >> i love it. >> he looks like he's all business there. he is a kindergarten student. and his parents tell us he tunes in everyday before he heads out to school. >> looks like he's making a plea there. >> senator one day?
8:16 am
>> perhaps. never know. >> he'll be the president all the way. the 50th president maybe? >> a little late? >> a little early. >> 53rd. >> 53rd president of the united states of america. >> appreciate the picture. let's do temperatures. regan national. 36 degrees. most falling back into the 20s and 30s. hanging out in the 30s for much of the area. winchester 32. leonard town, 36. annapolis 40. again, very cool temperatures here across the region. we mentioned the new york area, they too getting in on the chill this morning. 34 in new york city.
8:17 am
27 columbus: sunny day for your election day. do bring a jacket if you are waiting in line. cool this afternoon with highs in the upper 40s. the storminess to our south, that will be our developing coastal system for tomorrow. right now, it's going to be just far enough east on the western edge. clouds with rain tomorrow mixing with winter weather tomorrow night. the brunt of the storm would stay off to east and north. still question marks about the exact track of that storm. 48 today and a nice warmup for the end of the weekend. daytime highs back in the 60s. that will feel good after the chill here. let's get some traffic. and free pass to work on time. >> i hope that works with most employers. i'll try to deliver. you are going to find lanes are
8:18 am
open. and again, a slow down typically not where you would find them. trying to get past university beautiful. we find a delay unbound on 50 leaving 202. this is northbound 295 here and headed north of duke street tapping the breaks. the beltway inter loop has already cleared out. southbound kennel worth avenue headed out towards pennsylvania avenue. 10 to 15 minute ride with lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thank you very much. in the presidential race, 270 electoral votes are up for grabs. where does the race stand leading into election day? we turn to american university professor lenny. right now no one has any electoral votes. presumed to go to romney and presumed to go to obama based on
8:19 am
how they've voted before. but there are a number of battleground states. let me ask you this first. overall, are we likely to see one candidate win the popular vote and another candidate win the electoral vote? >> i don't know if that's likely but certainly possible especially with the fact that strong obama states are still crippled. new york city, long island. new jersey. those parts of the country which probably would give good margins to the president. those nonvoters could make a difference. i still think it's not likely but possible. >> let's talk about some of the key states here and there are several scenarios for each candidate to get to that 270 mark. from what i'm reading, is it generally easier for the president to get to 270? >> it is easier. the polls suggest that the president is much stronger in a number of
8:20 am
these battleground states. now, again, 2 or 3 points in the poll doesn't mean that's how it's going to show up on election night but if you go by the averages or the trends, the president does have the advantage in those states and a very good ground game. the republicans have a far better ground game than they had in 2008. >> i was asking you off air about ohio and ohio clearly is very important. but you think other states including virginia right here are equally or more important. >> some of our neighboring states are significant. for example, if mitt romney cannot win north carolina, it's going to be a difficult night for him. he needs to win virginia. that's an important state for his path to 270. the president if he wins virginia, that's going to be a big advantage for him and probably mean it will be difficult for mitt romney. it's not impossible for either of them without virginia. but without virginia, mitt romney has a difficult path. the president can still do it without virginia. and pennsylvania. this one has been
8:21 am
considered in the president's column. mitt romney has tried to put it back in play. he and paul ryan have been campaigning there. if he can win pennsylvania, then it could be a long night for the president. >> and the polls in pennsylvania have been pretty close. >> they have tightened. the the president won pennsylvania by 11 percentage points in 2008. they've shrunk to 2 or 3. the trend suggests the president should win pennsylvania. and very strong get out the vote. and that didn't get hammered by the hurricane. that was what some people were worried about. he should win that but doesn't mean mitt romney can't get to 270. if romney pulls pennsylvania out, it becomes far more difficult for the president. >> every time we have an election cycle where it's so close that people start talking about popular vote versus elector call vote, does this system we use, does it work?
8:22 am
should there be changes as to whether or not we use electoral college or popular vote? >> the electoral college doesn't make it a national election. if you are living in maryland or alabama or living in california or texas, you know, your vote will still make some difference because it's still important to go out and vote because there are other races involved but in terms of the presidency, you know where those states are going to go. you've had a $6 billion campaign. $6 billion. and a ton of that money has gone into just a few states. might make those states happy and might help their economy. i'm not so sure that's in the best interest of representing our national voice. what gets left out, the only time these candidates go to the 3, 4, 5 largest cities is when they go to raise money from billionaires. not to speak to people. not to campaign. but to raise money . and there's
8:23 am
something wrong with that picture. >> very interesting. we thank you for everything you've contributed during this election process. see you again sometime soon. stay with us. we'll be right back . [ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
8:24 am
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news. our election day coverage continues in the district. live look there at the polling place location. polls been open for an hour and a half. mlk junior library. and in addition to the delegate and several ward council seats, voters are electing two at large members as well as that special election for the council chairman left vacant. three amendments were on the ballot. all of them deal with how to handle council members and mayors who are convicted of wrongdoing. next hour we will talk with the executive director of the dc board. making headlines around the region this morning, major violence in iraq. >> 27 people died when a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives on to a base. 40 others were hurt. >> one patient is dead and three others are hurt after
8:27 am
explosion at a hospital in north carolina. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked that blast. >> and members of the fairfax and montgomery county urban search and rescue teams will return home after 9 days in the hurricane sandy storm zone. the group spent time conducting house to house searches in new york and new jersey. >> still ahead, the science behind political attack ads. >> you can't deny their impact. now, the medical team takes a look at what makes them effective for some voters. >> reporter: and here in virginia, voters are turning out in a big way. how do virginians feel? we'll talk about that when fox 5 morning news continues. were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. well, this has never happened before. we have a tie.
8:31 am
5 votes each. >> could that be a sign of the day ahead? start to the pressure election. the first votes were cast at the stroke of midnight in a small town. and as you heard, the two candidates tied. d i xville is famous for longstanding middle of the night voting tradition which stretches back to the 1960 campaign. >> more than just the presidential race is on the line. >> a closely watch race and key issues will be decided in today's vote. we have new video of candidate george allen arriving to vote at his polling place in mount vernon. he took time to shake the hands of voters before waiting in a line of about 200 people. and yes, he did have to wait in line. cane voted down in richmond. >> watching the vote in virginia all morning and live now in mcclain with the latest.
8:32 am
good morning. >> ever since the polls opened this morning there's been a stream of people. actually, about 100 people in line. about 5:30 this morning. we've seen it fluctuate where people will get through. probably a good indication here about the steady turn out in virginia throughout the day. and this has really been a hotly contested race for 13 prized electoral votes. the presidential candidates have been spending so much time and money here in the state of virginia. virginia is one of the first battleground states to open the polls and one of the earlier to close the polls. the results here could be an early indicator of how the night will go. in 2008, obama was the first democratic presidential candidate to win virginia since 1964. but romney has been making. up by 2 points. but the average poll since october
8:33 am
22nd has obama holding on to a 3/10ths of a percent lead. former governor democrat tim cane and george allen are battling for retiring senator jim web's seat. took the seat from allen in 2006. a lot was from democratic strong holds. those will be watched well. also new this year, changes in voter id laws. if you don't have valid identification, you have to cast a provisional ballot. those perhaps will not until later in the week. very important for people to go on the web site and figure out what they need to be able to cast a vote. turn out has been brisk. things reported going smoothly. they are proud to be voting in virginia today. >> we all benefit from the service of our military. and they fought for this right for
8:34 am
us to vote and express our opinions. and i think it's great people are voting. >> we really enjoy the attention. and we've been getting inundated with lots of information. voters are ready to have this election over with. >> and by 7:00 tonight, it will all be said and done. election officials tell us as long as people are in line at 7:00, they will be able to vote. if they are in line after that, they will be turned away. >> all right. thank you. >> pretty big names out there. everybody does it today hopefully. no matter who you are. >> if you are doing it, be ready for cool temperatures. cold this morning but later today sunshine. mid to upper 40s. 36 right now in washington. overnight, hard freeze. still officially a freeze warning until 9:00 a.m. these temperatures warming up. lots of 20s north and west of
8:35 am
the city. honestly, most of the area was below freezing. fredericksburg 36. cold temperatures for your overnight. mostly sunny start to the day. the cloud cover and rain you see, that will be our developing storm system for tomorrow. still question marks with it but looks like the trend has been in the last 24 hours. a little farther off shore. we will be impacted here in washington but not see the affects they are going to see off to the north and east. much of this energy will stay right into portions of new jersey and new york. noreaster developed. you can see those winds gusting to 50 or 60. high surf, beach erosion. coastal flooding. and looks like it will throw rain perhaps mixed around here later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night.
8:36 am
so i'll have more details on that coming up. and you can see that after we get that storm out of here, warm it up for the end of the weekend. mid 60s around here by monday. going to toss it over to allison. >> thanks, tuck. if all goes according to plan, the election will be coming to close in about 12 hours. don't quote me on that. all those political a ds we love to hate will go away. you can quote me on that. the ads aimeded to grab our attention, turns out there is science behind that. the fox medical team is lacking into that for us. joins us live now from tampa to explain. good morning. what did researchers find ? >> well, good morning. this is where neuro science meet politics. they call it neuro politics. done studies to
8:37 am
figure out what makes conservatives respond. they look at things like threat. wanting to maintain the status quo. resisting change. other people like experimentatin . they like conflict. and like to figure out how to solve a problem and come out with a better answer even though there may not be a better answer. when we look at how they establish and study these things, they can do sweat testing to see how much you sweat and how much fear you have when you are responding to a particular situation. but it's going even further now. what they are doing is using a functional mri. they are looking at different parts of the brain, watching how they light up. is there a difference between the liberal and the conservative. and they are saying there are differences but at this point in time, they aren't sure how to interpret it totally. >> that is super fascinating. are there ways to tap into emotional versus intellectual? and can the mri show that too?
8:38 am
>> yes, there are. so when we look if someone responds more to threats, if you tell them there's a perceived threat, they are going to respond with more emotion. on the other end, may be that you are appealing to some other aspect of what they like. you have to formulate these political ads are formulate today address these things. if it's a threat you don't want them to be concerned about, you can town play it. like global warming was changed to the word climate change to decrease the fear factor in that. so so many things. it's down to the genetic level. there's certain genes that make us more likely to vote. is this going to get down to our dna level? the big question now is when we look at some of the studies, another study that came out and had nothing to do with politics, math can make your head hurt.
8:39 am
so when they look at the anxiety related to doing a math problem, it lit up an area that was close to an area that perceives pain. so the blood flee could also go to that area. so pain could occur when you are anxious about math. we have to look at all those things when it comes to politics. >> i tried to tell my parents in high school. now i have the proof. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tony, over to you. >> fascinating. still ahead at 8:00, a year of review from investors stand point. joins us live with a look back at hits or misses. but first, an interactive election. how you can stay on top of the changes right from your laptop, smart phone or tablet. we'll be right back. 
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
in sports it wasn't about the saints and eagles during monday night football. >> the game of politics also came into play. aired half-time interviews with president obama and mitt romney. both candidates talked about life and sports. the president touched on the new 14 college football playoff system. says he hopes it will be expanded.
8:43 am
governor romney admitted he was a patriots fan and the performance enhancing drugs are his biggest concern about sports. >> the saints got on the score board first when patrick robinson intercepts a michael vic pass and returned it 99 yards for a touchdown. the saints went on to win 28-13. the saints i should say. the eagles have lost 4 in a row. sounds familiar. many thought red skin's coach was giving up on the season when he said he was focusing on player evaluations. he's changing up his tune after an outcry from fans and sports radio. >> i never said that since i've been here. we're always going to play the people that give us the best chance to win. that's what we're going to do.
8:44 am
it never changed. i'm not saying i gave the perfect quote. there's a bunch of different directions you could go. the only thing i was disappointed is if i got a relationship with somebody and give me the courtesy, what did you mean by this? >> all right. the skins are 3 and 6 for the season. will face the eagles after the bye week. >> watch the press conference. he was quite upset that none of these reporters called him to say hey. instead it was all the time. >> all right. it is 8:44 now on this election tuesday morning. >> coming up next, the best and the worst investments of 2012. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
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8:48 am
as they start to trickle in. if you can't make it to a tv to watch today's coverage, what else will come in handy. >> all right. that's right. can be a great resource for you today. you can see there's a big banner right near the top that says election coverage. you'll want to follow that by clicking it. it opens up to a new page that says polls and has polls and voter information. here's what you can find all sorts of information. whether you vote in dc, maryland or virginia, you'll see at the top an e-mail address where you can let us know about any problems. below that is dc voter services with a link to find your polling place. and click to look at the dc voting guide to find out which races and ballot questions you will be deciding on. there are
8:49 am
similar links under maryland voter services. you can see they are pretty nice and big blue tabs you can click on and get that information. you can look at a sample maryland ballot. down under virginia voter services, a number of links to help you double-check your polling place. also new for virginia this year. what id you need to bring in to vote. let me run down a couple other items. first, we want you to tweet us your thoughts about election day and the issues that come along with it. you can use the hash tag fox5dcyoudecide. and of course we will have the results of all the race right down to the ones affecting your neighborhood. download our app to your iphone or droid. head over right now and do that.
8:50 am
you will be up to date with all the information as it comes in. tony, over to you. >> thank you very much. as the end of the year draws near and it is drawing near, how did the financial forecasters do in 2012? personal finance is out with hits and misses when it comes to investing, retirement and family spending. janet joins us with a look at what you should target and how to avoid the worst. good morning to you. thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> folks always look forward to this. >> hits and misses. >> overall, let me just start with this, more hits than misses or more misses than hits? >> i think there are usually more hits than misses. and of course, we specialize in finding the hits. so finding the misses is always kind of a challenge. but it's kind of fun. when i read these stories, as the editor i have to read over.
8:51 am
and i always learn this good stuff. some of which we're going to talk about. that's really cool. >> let's jump in. you have many different categories. stocks.. >> the hit and the miss the stocks that did the best and the worst over 2012. the one that did the best is a stock you never heard of. arena pharmaceuticals. it was selling for $2 a share and came out with antiobesity drug. shot up to $9 a share. don't go out and buy it because it still has a lot of hoops to jump through before the hoop jumps on the market. >> groupon the miss of the year. this stock went public in november of 2011. the price got up a share. but there's just too many people in the space. a lot of competition from living social and other sites. and the customers don't
8:52 am
spend much money and don't come back. the stock was down around $5 when we priced it. >> interesting. miss of the year. >> let's talk about retirement. retirement funds? >> we're talkg about where to put your ira. we looked at places that gave you a good deal as far as fees are concerned and wide range of investments. no minimum investment. a miss was tradestation. $35 a year. and $50 if you want to move the account. not so good. probably said something i've heard of td. how about college planning? something a lot of us are involved in right now. >> people ask us all the time. 529 accounts are the best way to save for college. tax deferment
8:53 am
on your earnings and if you use those accounts to pay for college expenses, it's tax free. plus, in this area, all jurisdictions give you a tax break on money you contribute to a 529 account. we think that's the way to go. >> biggest miss? >> custody -- custodial accounts. it if they want to use it on a car or a cruise, they don't have to use it for college. it's their money and they can spend it on whatever they want. >> and sometimes i don't really understand these things. a custodial account? >> you set up an account for your child and you become the custody -- custodian of that account. or utma, uniform
8:54 am
transfer to minors. basically, the child's money but you are the custodiam until the child reaches 18 or 21. >> think lindsay lohan. >> perfect. >> shopping deals. >> this is interesting. we looked at grocery deals. safe way has a program just for you coupon. you can download coupons to your safe way loyalty card. so products that you actually use. and you can do this online. even if you are in the store and see something you are looking for, you can look at the app and see if there's a good coupon. if you are looking to save money, good way to go. >> whole foods not so good? >> they don't call it whole paycheck for nothing. it's very expensive and it's true. wonderful store with wonderful products. don't get a break on the price. and don't have a loyalty type program. you are not rewarded if you do shop
8:55 am
there consistently. >> the hits and misses issue is on the stands. >> it's on the stands. december issue. looks really cool. >> love having you here. editor. see you soon. back to you. >> thanks . continuing election day coverage continues in our next hour. what to expect at the polls in the district. live with the executive director of the dc board of elections. an inside look at how gop nominee mitt romney will spend election day. he and his wife cast their ballots. what's next when we talk with tara wall, the senior communications advisor. fox 5 morning news continues after the break. 
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> right now at 9:00, today is
8:59 am
your day. who takes the white house? numerous seats in maryland, dc and virginia and controversial questions on same sex marriage, gambling and instate tuition all up to you, the voter. >> it is election day 2012 and if you have yet to head out to your polling place, we have everything you need to know ahead this hour. and how the presidential candidates are spending the final hours. good tuesday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and time tony perkins. one thing you want to know is how cold is it? tucker barnes is in the weather center to tell us about that. >> in the 30s. >> 30s now and 20s overnight. real cold earlier. now it's kind of cold and cool this afternoon with highs only to top out in the mid to upper 40s. a chilly tuesday. we're looking fine. sunshine across the area at the moment. later this afternoon cloud cover will start to approach

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